This summer, a stack of my books are being distributed back to the country and people who inspired me to write it. This novel was written with the sole purpose of sharing an alternative narrative and capturing Palestine as I experienced it.

Roaming around the old City of Jerusalem, my husband and I found maps being sold that  erased parts of Palestine that sadly now only exist in people’s memories. With its history being eroded , significant media bias in reporting events and a misunderstood narrative being shared worldwide, the timing of this novel is more poignant than ever.

I often wonder what Palestine our children will experience whether it is this year or during their lifetime. There is almost a certainty that it will not be the Palestine we experienced half a decade ago. This novel aims to capture my experience but deliver it to the world whilst removing as many barriers and preconceptions as possible from an author with unbreakable ties to its land and heritage.

In our youth we must have hope, on both sides of the apartheid wall.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who took the time to read and share the book. To share this story and produce a different narrative of Palestine is worth so much and I am grateful to you all.

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