Why I began Literary Revolution Writers Group

Writing is an often isolated endeavor. Ticking away in the back of your mind as you fight with your own thoughts and articulate them to become a polished, quality book that succinctly portrays an alternative view of the world. It is a dream of many to write. When I began to write, I was shy about tellingContinue reading “Why I began Literary Revolution Writers Group”

Jasmine Falling books are donated to schools & universities in Palestine

This summer, a stack of my books are being distributed back to the country and people who inspired me to write it. This novel was written with the sole purpose of sharing an alternative narrative and capturing Palestine as I experienced it. Roaming around the old City of Jerusalem, my husband and I found maps beingContinue reading “Jasmine Falling books are donated to schools & universities in Palestine”

Muslimah Media Watch Book Review: Jasmine Falling

Republished from Muslimah Media Watch: Jasmine Falling by Muslimah Media Watch’s very own Shereen Malherbe recounts the story of Jasmine, a young English girl who, in order to receive her inheritance after her mother dies, searches for her father in his native Palestine and winds up discovering not only the family she left behind, butContinue reading “Muslimah Media Watch Book Review: Jasmine Falling”

Dressing the Same: London Mayor Candidate Sadiq Khan on Hijab

For Muslimah Media Watch: In the UK, Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim MP for Labour, is campaigning to be the mayor of London. In recent news, comments from an interview with him stated, ‘Questions need to be asked about why Muslim women wear hijabs’. Now at first glance, I thought this must have been quotedContinue reading “Dressing the Same: London Mayor Candidate Sadiq Khan on Hijab”

Where are all of our voices? The lack of Muslim Narratives in Western Literature

Discussed on British Muslim TV and available to view on air from February 11th, 5pm-6pm. Here is a summary of my thoughts on why we need diverse, authentic narratives to break into mainstream. The contributions Muslim women make to society are being missed with the current lack of diversity in literature, so where are all of our voices?Continue reading “Where are all of our voices? The lack of Muslim Narratives in Western Literature”

Book Review: Nevien Shaabneh’s ‘Secrets Under the Olive Tree’

‘This week, I am excited to write about Secrets Under the Olive Tree, a book about a Palestinian-American girl written by a female Palestinian-American author. As a passionate champion of diverse narratives, I think it is incredibly important to have narratives by writers who belong to the communities they are depicting. I believe this addsContinue reading “Book Review: Nevien Shaabneh’s ‘Secrets Under the Olive Tree’”

Iqbal Al Assaad-Doctor or Refugee?

  ‘I am incredibly proud of Iqbal Al Assaad. The news of her being possibly one of the youngest doctors in the world has been in and out of the media over the last few years. Her story is not a new one and it remains inspiring and yet tainted at the same time. AssadContinue reading “Iqbal Al Assaad-Doctor or Refugee?”

A Roundtable on Dejabbing Part 1, by Muslimah Media Watch

  ‘The Toronto Star recently had an article interviewing four women about their “dejabbing” experiences. The title is “Why we stopped wearing the hijab.” However, the seemingly simple notion of removing the headscarf is acknowledged to be a complicated process. The article explains that “From safety to spirituality, each woman has her own reasons” for no longer wearingContinue reading “A Roundtable on Dejabbing Part 1, by Muslimah Media Watch”