We’ve been nominated for the Palestine Book Awards

🏅We’ve been nominated for the Palestine Book Awards 2022 The Land Beneath the Light my latest novel; a female centric story set in rural Palestine, and my children’s book, The Girl Who Stitched the Stars; the second book of my migrant children’s series. It’s such an honour to be on the list this year amongContinue reading “We’ve been nominated for the Palestine Book Awards”

The Land Beneath the Light: An interview with author Shereen Malherbe on her new Palestinian novel

“When we read classic literature we now use them as references for society despite them being fictional texts. What I want to create are representative, authentic texts that include Muslims as contributors to society. Having a Muslim narrative should not pigeonhole our work into a Muslim-only category. My books are for everyone to read.” ShereenContinue reading “The Land Beneath the Light: An interview with author Shereen Malherbe on her new Palestinian novel”

Happy Publication Day!

I am thrilled to announce that The Land Beneath the Light and The Girl Who Stitched the Stars, have officially been published by Beacon Books. I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone for their support. Thank you to Beacon Books and team and illustrator, Sarah Nesti Willard. It wouldn’t have beenContinue reading “Happy Publication Day!”

The Land Beneath the Light

A Palestinian reimagining of Jane Eyre All  too often we are subjected to news of turmoil and conflict in  Palestine. By exploring the lived realities of those living under  occupation, The Land Beneath the Light presents  an alternative. Drawn loosely from the author’s own childhood  experiences of Palestine, Shereen Malherbe showcases the beauty of this  war-torn landContinue reading “The Land Beneath the Light”

Meet Shereen Malherbe, author of The Land Beneath the Light.

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sarah Mohr, a writer at Muslimgirl.com. I caught up with Sarah one evening to share with her the reason for writing my latest works, my upcoming novel, The Land Beneath the Light & my latest children’s book, The Girl Who Stitched the Stars. (Republished from Muslimgirl.com)Continue reading “Meet Shereen Malherbe, author of The Land Beneath the Light.”

The Land Beneath the Light

Cover Reveal for my latest novel, The Land Beneath the Light ‘A Palestinian reimagining of Jane Eyre.’ Book Summary: From her rural farmhouse at the bottom of the hilltop surrounded by the Occupation, Khadija’s life changes forever when the shadows descend causing destruction in her village. In the wake of upheaval and ruin, Khadija drawsContinue reading “The Land Beneath the Light”

Shereen Malherbe live on British Muslim TV

Join me live on 01/09/2021 at 21.30 BST as I discuss my upcoming new novel, The Land Beneath the Light. To celebrate the launch, we will be revealing the book cover and the preorder link will go live so you can order your copy September 1st 2021. Book Summary. ‘A Palestinian reimagining of Jane Eyre’Continue reading “Shereen Malherbe live on British Muslim TV”

@TheBookslamist ‘The Tower’ Review

For those of you who don’t follow @Thebookslamist on Instagram or Twitter, here is their latest review. “Ramadan 2017 was transformatory for me. I wrote , ‘A Virtue of Disobedience’ at night and in these hours the world was speaking to what i was writing. Grenfell happened while I was writing about class inequality. DarrenContinue reading “@TheBookslamist ‘The Tower’ Review”

Returning…with a different view

Hello everyone, I’m returning to the world of living, also known as social media! After a two year hiatus, and becoming an almost  English Literature graduate (Summer 2019), I am ready to begin sharing my stories and travels with you again. To find out what direction I was heading in, I needed a break offline to work out what thatContinue reading “Returning…with a different view”

Jasmine Falling now available in Jerusalem Bookstores

Educational Bookstore, Salahaddin Street, Jerusalem. Voted as the 18th top attraction to do in Jerusalem, Educational Bookstore is located in Salahaddin Street, Jerusalem. Follow the bookstore or subscribe here to keep up to date with Shereen’s events. For more information about Educational Bookstore and for its location please visit TripAdvisor. Image Sources The historic American Colony Hotel.Continue reading “Jasmine Falling now available in Jerusalem Bookstores”