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Shereen Malherbe is a British Palestinian author. 

After spending over a decade living throughout the Middle East, Shereen now resides in England with her husband and four children.


Shereen has been a writer and researcher for various organisations including, Muslimah Media Watch, Middle East Eye, Muslim Girl, Sisterhood Magazine and has also appeared on British Muslim TV and Islam Channel discussing the representation of Muslim women resulting in her classification in the Media Diversified experts directory.

IMG-20211015-WA0046You can watch Shereen on Islam Channel’s, The Today Show discussing Palestine and her new Palestinian novel, The Land Beneath the Light which is due to be published soon.


After graduating in English Literature with Creative Writing, Shereen now features in the Open University’s Alumni success stories and contributes to their Creative Writing Module.

Her debut novel is an accumulation of historical accounts from her Palestinian heritage, fictionalised into the novel Jasmine Falling. 

Jasmine Falling has been voted as one of the top 10 books representing Muslims in Literature and in the top 20 Best Books by Muslim Women. 

Shereen’s second contemporary fiction novel, The Tower is published by Beacon Books.  Described as moving, original and undeniably refreshing, you can read more reviews here. It now features as required academic reading for a U.S University on courses discussing Muslim Voices Post 9/11.

Her first children’s book, The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon, was published in 2021 and is the first of a series of migrant children’s books published by Beacon BooksThe Girl Who Stitched the Stars is the second book in the series and is now available to pre-order before its release.

Her most recent short story was published in the prestigious, World Literature Today magazine’s historic edition on Palestine Voices. 

She regularly publishes short stories in literary magazines, features in media discussions on the importance of authentic representation and also shares writing advice and events on her Instagram page.


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