The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon

The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon available to buy now.

Book Summary:

The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon, follows the story of Noor, who arrives in a new country and doesn’t belong at her new school.
To feel better, Noor takes comfort in the things that remain the same and decides to stick to them.

The most important to Noor, is to stick to her prayers, but at school she has a problem. The only place to pray is a storage cupboard…but Noor is not alone. Another girl also can’t find her place in the playground.

This is a story of journey’s that take you to different places. Of discovering where you belong and the importance of sharing stories.

Illustration by the talented @sarahnestiwillard and published by @Beacon_books

“Such a touching affirmative story.” Leila Aboulela

“A wonderful group read to get children talking, feeling and thinking!” Suma Din

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