British Palestinian author releases a new novel, ‘A Palestinian reimagining of Jane Eyre.’

Press Release

Manchester— 31/01/2022 — UK publisher Beacon Books announces the publication of, The Land Beneath the Light; A classic coming of age novel that explores the lived reality of those living under Occupation in Palestine.

The Land Beneath the Light

All too often we are subjected to news of turmoil and conflict in Palestine. By exploring the lived realities of those living under occupation, The Land Beneath the Light presents an alternative. Drawn loosely from the author’s own childhood experiences of Palestine, Shereen Malherbe showcases the beauty of this war-torn land and its people in her new novel. It follows Khadija as she comes of age and struggles to come to terms with the trauma of her past and the uncertainty of her future, using her deeply rooted Palestinian heritage to survive. Through her novel, Malherbe shows that keeping this heritage and the stories of Palestinian people alive is one of the most powerful forms of resistance.

“Shereen Malherbe will be read more and more as the wind carries her original, powerful enchanting stories where rarely is a novel just a novel.”

Yousef Khanfar, Guest Editor, World Literature Today- Palestine Voices.

Author Bio

Shereen Malherbe is a British Palestinian author. After spending over a decade living throughout the Middle East, Shereen now resides in England with her husband and four children.

Shereen has been a writer and researcher for various organisations including Muslimah Media Watch, Middle East Eye, Muslim Girl, Sisterhood Magazine and has also appeared on British Muslim TV and Islam Channel discussing the representation of Muslim women, resulting in her classification in the Media Diversified experts directory.

Shereen’s debut novel, Jasmine Falling, has been voted among the Best Books by Muslim Women (Goodreads), and her second novel, The Tower is now an academic set text in a US university. Her short story, The Cypress Tree, was recently published in World Literature Today’s landmark edition, ‘Palestine Voices’.

Contact Info

Beacon Books
Phone: 00 44 (0) 7907 299500


Phone: 0044 (0) 7926617554

Book purchase available from all major bookstores & Amazon worldwide.

Published by Shereen Malherbe

Shereen Malherbe is a writer & author. Her novel, Jasmine Falling has been voted as one of the top 20 Best Books by Muslim women. Her second contemporary fiction novel, The Tower, is now used as academic set text in a US university. Her migrant children's book series, The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon was followed in 2022 with, The Girl Who Stitched the Stars. Her short story, The Cypress Tree has been published in World Literature Today's landmark edition on Palestine Voices. Her latest novel, a Palestinian reimagining of Jane Eyre, The Land Beneath the Light has been nominated alongside her children's book, for the Palestine Book Awards 2022.

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