Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. It is important to have this dialogue and be involved with other sisters who may have been feeling the same as you. I too, wonder how covering has or will impact negatively on our achievements but I commend you on your strength to write it and inshaAllah it contributes to others in a positive way.


hijabi books

Lately I’ve been contemplating the direction of this blog. I’ve never really wanted to  impose my personal or political views upon you guys and have largely remained reticent about who I am. But recently two things happened which have made me rethink my position. 1) I had a conversation with a stranger which went something like this:

Them: “you’re reading a book!”

Me: “yes”.

Them: “wow, no offence, (staring at my scarf) but you don’t look like the type of person who reads books”

Me: silently searching their face for five long minutes wondering wtf a ‘reader’ is supposed to look like. death stare

2) I was spat at whilst walking down the street.

You see, I am a Muslim, a Muslim woman in fact and *shock horror* one who chooses to cover my head. I haven’t really revealed that fact as I genuinely believed it would put people off my blog…

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