A Roundtable on Dejabbing Part 1, by Muslimah Media Watch

  ‘The Toronto Star recently had an article interviewing four women about their “dejabbing” experiences. The title is “Why we stopped wearing the hijab.” However, the seemingly simple notion of removing the headscarf is acknowledged to be a complicated process. The article explains that “From safety to spirituality, each woman has her own reasons” for no longer wearingContinue reading “A Roundtable on Dejabbing Part 1, by Muslimah Media Watch”

Is European Muslimah fashion based on conformity & fear?

‘…women are still predominantly judged based on their appearances over their abilities- factors which could be a more disturbing indicator of why Muslim women seek alternative ways to fit in with society.’ Muslimah Media Watch article, ‘Is the rise of European fashion based on conformity & fear? by Shereen Malherbe.