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Shereen Malherbe’s novel, The Tower, published by Beacon Books launches in the UK in April 2019. In a contemporary London setting, The Tower is a timely, relevant piece of fiction exploring a section of London life under the pressures of migration, personal loss, attachment and shifting homelands.

Author: Shereen Malherbe

Publisher: Beacon Books, Manchester, UK.

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UK tour dates: April 2019. More details available soon.

UAE tour dates: Details available soon.

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Author Bio

Shereen Malherbe is a British, Palestinian writer whose debut novel, Jasmine Falling, features in the top 20 Best Books by Muslim women. After studying her B.A. degree in English Literature with Creative Writing, Shereen now combines her two interests of writing and travel to create novels that straddle both the East & West.

Previously, Shereen was a writer and researcher on behalf of Muslimah Media Watch on the representation of Muslim women in the media and pop culture. She has spoken about trending topics including islamophobia on live TV, resulting in her classification in the Media Diversified Experts Directory.

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Instagram: @the_wandering_novelist

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Publishers: Beacon Books, Manchester, UK

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