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Roundtable on Spiritual Abuse and Gendered Violence: We Believe You

Reposted from Muslimah Media Watch   Trigger warning: gender-based violence, spiritual abuse, victim-blaming, misogyny On September 23, 2017, Omer M. Mozaffar published a Facebook post in which he wrote about “predatory behavior” on the part of Nouman Ali Khan, a... Continue Reading →


Roundtable: Rohingya Muslim Genocide

Muslimah Media WatchTrigger and Content Warning: Colonial Violence, Racism, Anti-Blackness, Anti-Indigeneity, Gender-based Violence, Militarized Violence, Islamophobia, anti-Refugee Rhetoric. In the past year Rohingya Muslims have been constantly featured by Western media outlets, particularly as their persecution in Burma/Myanmar has been... Continue Reading →

A Summary of Several Unsurprising Reports on Islamophobia in the UK and US

Muslimah Media WatchRecently, The Independent reported on a study finding that discrimination in the job market adversely affects employment prospects for young Muslims. The Independent reports on the study as if the information is new, but three years ago Roger... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Readathon : My TBR & 20+ Recommendations

Source: Ramadan Readathon : My TBR & 20+ Recommendations

Spotlight: Where I Am (A Series of Interviews Exploring Migration) by Iman&Samiha


Iman and Samiha are two photographers and filmmakers who recently created a mini documentary entitled ‘Where I Am’ which was submitted for a UN Film Festival. The documentary is in the form of an interview series featuring Immigrant parents being interviewed on their experiences by their children. Below is an exclusive interview with Iman and Samiha where they discuss the inspiration behind the series as well as the link for you to watch the documentary.

What was the inspiration behind the interviews and why focus on Migration in particular?

I think the biggest inspiration was our own parents. Both mine and Iman’s parents migrated here and we grew up hearing stories about their experiences settling into the U.K. It definitely shapes your outlook towards society and how you see yourself – in a good way. So many of our friends parents also migrated here so it’s easy to think that making the…

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My Decision To Wear Hijab Has Nothing To Do With An Unwrapped Lollipop – Najah Bint Mustapha

Source: My Decision To Wear Hijab Has Nothing To Do With An Unwrapped Lollipop - Najah Bint Mustapha

Preview Jasmine Falling via Goodreads

Dear Readers, Jasmine Falling is now available to preview for free on Goodreads. Join the other 752 people in the community talking about it. I am also now answering questions posted by the Goodreads community ahead of my first book... Continue Reading →

A review of Asma Lamrabet’s “Women in the Qu’ran” via MMW

Reposted from Muslimah Media Watch, written by fellow MMW Writer, Nicole  One of the rare books I didn’t read in French first (and as such cannot vouch for the translation), Asma Lamrabet’s Women in the Qu’ran: An Emancipatory Reading is... Continue Reading →

The Story Of Maha – A book review

I read the Story of Maha and was particularly interested in the insight of a Muslim girl growing up in South Africa. The book immerses you into this world completely as you follow Maha’s life. Maha is a strong, feisty... Continue Reading →

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