A review of Asma Lamrabet’s “Women in the Qu’ran” via MMW

Reposted from Muslimah Media Watch, written by fellow MMW Writer, Nicole  One of the rare books I didn’t read in French first (and as such cannot vouch for the translation), Asma Lamrabet’s Women in the Qu’ran: An Emancipatory Reading is a short (just under 170 pages) and uplifting read.  The book is definitely an interestingContinue reading “A review of Asma Lamrabet’s “Women in the Qu’ran” via MMW”

The Story Of Maha – A book review

I read the Story of Maha and was particularly interested in the insight of a Muslim girl growing up in South Africa. The book immerses you into this world completely as you follow Maha’s life. Maha is a strong, feisty character, from a fairly well off background which affords her certain privileges that others don’tContinue reading “The Story Of Maha – A book review”

Returning to Palestine: Youth are our future

I haven’t managed to return to Palestine for years. When I visited Palestine, I went as a traveller, someone passing by this land. I have links to the country through my  heritage but this isn’t the same as those who are born there. My relationship with the country will always be from a different viewpoint.Continue reading “Returning to Palestine: Youth are our future”

Writing between two worlds

Originally posted on Shereen Malherbe:
Writing between two worlds Published in Sister-Hood Magazine 27th September 2016 |by Shereen Malherbe |@MalherbeGirl |Share this article: I often reminisce about sun-drenched afternoons in Palestine when we had the time to sit and share stories. We would walk home at dusk. Our conversations became about hope and expectations as…

Why Are Men Speaking for Muslim Women in Literature?

Originally posted on Shereen Malherbe:
What is your favorite book? You might be like me and have too many to mention. Of those books, which characters are your favorite? Do they represent you? The answer to this, in the majority of western published literature is probably no. If you are represented, have another look at…

An Interview with Zeba Talkhani of the Muslim Women Speak Micro-Festival

Originally posted on Muslimah Media Watch Last month, Waterstones Book Store in London hosted Muslim Women Speak, “a micro-festival of interactive sessions curated, chaired and presented exclusively by Muslim women.” The festival was curated by Zeba Talkhani and was designed to let Muslim women speak about their own experiences in the publishing and writing industry in the UK.Continue reading “An Interview with Zeba Talkhani of the Muslim Women Speak Micro-Festival”