A collection of interviews with Shereen Malherbe, author of Jasmine Falling

“Jasmine Falling is the debut novel of British Palestinian writer (and MMW Contributor!) Shereen Malherbe. It is a tale of self-discovery and finding belonging, set mostly during ten action-charged days in Jerusalem, where Jasmine travels to find her missing father after her mother’s death.  I spoke with Shereen about the inspiration for the novel, theContinue reading “A collection of interviews with Shereen Malherbe, author of Jasmine Falling”

Muslimah Media Watch Book Review: Jasmine Falling

Republished from Muslimah Media Watch: Jasmine Falling by Muslimah Media Watch’s very own Shereen Malherbe recounts the story of Jasmine, a young English girl who, in order to receive her inheritance after her mother dies, searches for her father in his native Palestine and winds up discovering not only the family she left behind, butContinue reading “Muslimah Media Watch Book Review: Jasmine Falling”

BookFabulous Reviews Jasmine Falling

‘And so begins a tale that is immersed in the history of an uprooted nation, that has seen the larger part of its people forced into fleeing their homes from the terror unleashed on the day Israel declared its state. For those Palestinians who chose to remain behind, the occupation’s incessant humiliations and intimidation continueContinue reading “BookFabulous Reviews Jasmine Falling”

Sisters Magazine Reviews Jasmine Falling

  Excerpt ‘Jasmine Falling is also a rich Middle Eastern tale that makes us fall for a land ripped between war and other social ills. The beauty and the richness of the land are still present no matter what it went through and still goes through as shows through the pages that Malherbe penned soContinue reading “Sisters Magazine Reviews Jasmine Falling”

An interview with author, Shereen Malherbe

What inspired you to write this book? ‘I visited Palestine and stayed with my family in the West Bank. One day, my husband and I were strolling through the streets and we saw a blacked out tourist bus pull up. Tourists spilled out onto the streets, surrounded by security, snapped photographs of a tree thatContinue reading “An interview with author, Shereen Malherbe”

Undercover ISIS: Why a lack of women scholars puts us at danger

‘A common reason for people seeking to be part of groups is to feel included in the community and to find similar people of their religious group and background. However, people I know in the Muslim community have become nervous about attending some Islamic centers teaching Islam, because they cannot verify what is being taught.’Continue reading “Undercover ISIS: Why a lack of women scholars puts us at danger”

A Roundtable on Dejabbing Part 1, by Muslimah Media Watch

  ‘The Toronto Star recently had an article interviewing four women about their “dejabbing” experiences. The title is “Why we stopped wearing the hijab.” However, the seemingly simple notion of removing the headscarf is acknowledged to be a complicated process. The article explains that “From safety to spirituality, each woman has her own reasons” for no longer wearingContinue reading “A Roundtable on Dejabbing Part 1, by Muslimah Media Watch”