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Jasmine Falling’ is a multi-layered novel in that it oscillates between the unresolved political narrative related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the mystical, even mythical portrayal that seems tethered to any discourse or even work of literature wherever Jerusalem and Islam are concerned. And thus it is rather no surprise that the author conjures up the Jinn, and speaks of shadows and whisperings as if the place, Palestine, were a living breathing entity, a character holding its own within the structure of the novel, actively involved in the characters’ lives, etching its place into their individual narratives, refusing to be ignored.”

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“Reading this novel certainly made me realize how important it is to acknowledge and celebrate all of the cultures in which I was raised. I’m both more proud to be black and less hesitant to call myself American. Just as Jasmine realized the rejection of her father’s culture left her flailing for grounding, I have begun to  realize that the food, the media, and the traditions I grew up with make me who I am. Trying to stifle the minority culture (black) to better conform to the majority culture (American) split my personality unnecessarily, and left me generally confused. My new-found embracement of my hyphenated identity is perhaps indicative of why I enjoyed it so much: Jasmine, in a way, is me.”

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“My rating: 5 of 5 stars. I found Jasmine Falling a beautiful work of art which was emotionally moving and will stay with me for some time to come.

The journey she makes to discover her father’s whereabouts is mystical. I was taken to another world and immersed in its tale of the continued conflict of a nation undergoing change and the spirit of its people. This book is full of powerful messages that every person can relate too and be inspired by.

Shereen Malherbe has done a superb job in her telling of a tale that I couldn’t put down. Magnificent!”

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 “…this is a solid debut and a meaningful addition to the growing Muslim fiction list. I’m looking forward to reading more from Ms. Malherbe.”

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Jasmine Falling is also a rich Middle Eastern tale that makes us fall for a land ripped between war and other social ills. The beauty and the richness of the land are still present no matter what it went through and still goes through as shows through the pages that Malherbe penned so well.”

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Jasmine Falling bleeds poetic and mesmerizing moments profusely.” RDP

Jasmine Falling  is a book exceeding expectations of a Muslim novel. I am glad the story of the Palestinian people is being shared.  What the author is doing is more than writing it is a movement! It’s A step towards Palestinians having their stories told beyond  the Middle East.” Revertlife


“When I took a step back from the book, I realized I was getting way more involved with the characters than I normally do. I was quoting the book and narrating Jasmine’s life to those around me which speaks volumes (pun intended) about how well-written the novel is.”


 “A tribute to a country that “deserves a better future”
This exotic, tumultuous mystery elucidates the hearts and magic of the people typically hidden in the soulless, black and white stories we read in newspapers. Jasmine Falling poetically brings to light the difficult but important events taking place in a beloved country.”


Mystery, justice, brutality, excitement and love are just a few words that conquer your mind while sailing through this thrilling novel.

imagesFQ3BW4XB“This is a real eye opener of a novel; an excellent book. Not because of the plot, feasible though it is. Nor because of the characters, though all are drawn very well. No, it is the setting: Palestine, The Holy Land and the author’s rich, descriptive, style which, coupled with an eye for detail, portrays this ancient and bitterly disputed landscape vividly and accurately, as it is; as it exists at this time. It is this great and largely unbiased tapestry of the land and its peoples that makes Jasmine Falling so good.”


“A beautifully crafted and weaved story that carries you effortlessly on a journey filled with poetic, mesmeric moments. Initially I purchased the kindle edition for ease but this is definitely a book deserving of being held and treasured. Shereen Malherbe is a deeply gifted writer and storyteller. I look forward to her future creations.”


“We are also introduced to the more human and emotional side of the Palestinian struggle, described from both sides of the political conflict. The reader is challenged to accept that at the end of it all, we are all human, capable of hate and evil, but we are all also capable of unconditional, pure love, a love that transcends political borders and is far more powerful than any other force in this world.”


“A richly evocative novel. The reality of an illegal occupation is laid bare together with wonders and beauty of both Palestine & the enduring spirit of Palestinian people. This together with a fast paced storyline makes for a most wonderful read. “

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