An interview with Filmmaker, Nijla Mu’min

With an accolade of awards and recognition for her screenwriting, including her work in progress film, Jinn which has already received several high ratings on the industry script database, Shereen Malherbe speaks to filmmaker Nijla Mu’min about her new highly anticipated first feature film. SM: Tells us about your film Jinn in a snapshot. NM:Continue reading “An interview with Filmmaker, Nijla Mu’min”

Diversity & Books: Reading, Publishing & Telling More Stories

‘At the start of 2016, The Guardian reported a ‘survey of workforce at 34 book publishers and eight review journals in [the] US reveals 79% of staff are white’. It isn’t a surprise that bookstores around the UK tend to reflect this lack of diversity, with few non-dominant narratives or books by people of colour,Continue reading “Diversity & Books: Reading, Publishing & Telling More Stories”

Sisters Magazine Reviews Jasmine Falling

  Excerpt ‘Jasmine Falling is also a rich Middle Eastern tale that makes us fall for a land ripped between war and other social ills. The beauty and the richness of the land are still present no matter what it went through and still goes through as shows through the pages that Malherbe penned soContinue reading “Sisters Magazine Reviews Jasmine Falling”

A Feature for The Middle East Eye: Alia Khan: Pioneering the Islamic fashion revolution

Alia Khan, pioneer and founder of Dubai’s Islamic Fashion Design Council (photograph courtesy of Alia Khan) The founder of Dubai’s Islamic fashion council talks about the emerging market and how it’s helping shape the mainstream clothing industry. Read the article at the Middle East Eye.

A Profile of Yasmin Choudhury, Founder of Lovedesh

This week I interviewed Yasmin Choudhury, winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year at the British Muslim Awards for her social entrepreneurship business, Lovedesh. Waking up early to talk to me on a Saturday morning, Yasmin was full of energy, despite the time. She jumped straight in with the background on how Lovedesh started. DuringContinue reading “A Profile of Yasmin Choudhury, Founder of Lovedesh”

Where are all of our voices? The lack of Muslim Narratives in Western Literature

Discussed on British Muslim TV and available to view on air from February 11th, 5pm-6pm. Here is a summary of my thoughts on why we need diverse, authentic narratives to break into mainstream. The contributions Muslim women make to society are being missed with the current lack of diversity in literature, so where are all of our voices?Continue reading “Where are all of our voices? The lack of Muslim Narratives in Western Literature”

#Traditionally Submissive: Cameron’s Initiative, Language Barriers and Discrimination

I am assuming David Cameron’s ‘plans to “help” more Muslim women to speak fluent English’ were supposed to come across as a positive move? How can this education programme be seen as anything but positive when learning the country’s language is such an important tool for empowerment and social inclusion? Several commentators have made thisContinue reading “#Traditionally Submissive: Cameron’s Initiative, Language Barriers and Discrimination”

Book Review: Nevien Shaabneh’s ‘Secrets Under the Olive Tree’

‘This week, I am excited to write about Secrets Under the Olive Tree, a book about a Palestinian-American girl written by a female Palestinian-American author. As a passionate champion of diverse narratives, I think it is incredibly important to have narratives by writers who belong to the communities they are depicting. I believe this addsContinue reading “Book Review: Nevien Shaabneh’s ‘Secrets Under the Olive Tree’”

Iqbal Al Assaad-Doctor or Refugee?

  ‘I am incredibly proud of Iqbal Al Assaad. The news of her being possibly one of the youngest doctors in the world has been in and out of the media over the last few years. Her story is not a new one and it remains inspiring and yet tainted at the same time. AssadContinue reading “Iqbal Al Assaad-Doctor or Refugee?”