October News

BBC filming, Jerusalem

BBC Filming in Palestine

Hi everyone, as many of you know I have recently deactivated my social media and will now be sharing updates with you via my website. If anyone wants to sign up, please feel free to forward this.

September saw my first filming experience on location in UK and Palestine as I am due to take part in a BBC History Documentary relating to my family’s Palestinian heritage. It was an eye-opening experience that was difficult but also rewarding. I can’t wait to share it with you when it officially airs on BBC 2 next year.

I can’t say much about the documentary yet, but I can tell you that it was amazing to visit all my family again. I’ve missed them so much!

Authors own

School Visit

Last month, I also had the pleasure of attending a local primary school who have my children’s books on their Year 2 curriculum. I read aloud from The Girl Who Stitched the Stars and the children asked questions as they studied, The Girl Who Slept Under the Moon. What was incredible is that their teacher told me that the differences the children recognised had nothing to do with outward appearance. They instead shared their internal worries. It was great to see my books being used as a discussion point for celebrating differences in a positive way. I’m still in awe of the children’s manners and how a class of nearly thirty children sat still for so long!

The Girl Who Stitched the Stars

Winner of the Reader’s Choice Awards 2022!


It was such great news to receive that The Land Beneath the Light has won the Reader’s Choice Awards. A big thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to all the nominees.

For more information on my latest novel, you can read my interview with the Muslim Vibe to find out why I wrote it or discover what others are saying about it on Goodreads. Don’t forget to add it to your reading list!!

In the meantime, all this digging into my family’s history has started me on my fourth novel. There are stories that I must tell.

We have also begun the third book in the children’s series so more details will follow on that soon!

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Thank you to all for following and wishing you the best.

Shereen x


Published by Shereen Malherbe

Shereen Malherbe is a writer & author. Her novel, Jasmine Falling has been voted as one of the top 20 Best Books by Muslim women. Her second contemporary fiction novel, The Tower, is now used as academic set text in a US university. Her migrant children's book series, The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon was followed in 2022 with, The Girl Who Stitched the Stars. Her short story, The Cypress Tree has been published in World Literature Today's landmark edition on Palestine Voices. Her latest novel, a Palestinian reimagining of Jane Eyre, The Land Beneath the Light has been nominated alongside her children's book, for the Palestine Book Awards 2022.

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