Happy Publication Day- The Tower

Hi all,

The big day is finally here! The Tower, my second novel is now officially available to buy worldwide.

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Advanced reader reviewers have begun to post their reviews via Goodreads. Here is a sample of a few.

“I’ll be frank: The Tower destroyed me. The story was fraught with emotion and it seemed like suspenseful situations lurked on nearly every page. After I finished reading, I had to take a few days’ break before picking up another book, because I was still thinking about Reem and Leah. I’m more than satisfied with the way the book ended, but their victories were hard-won.”

Sarabi Eventide, Muslimah Media Watch.

“Being an expatriate is something that many people experience when they are forced to displace or run away with their precious lives, or even seek a more promising future in a strange land. This feeling of physical and cultural remoteness, is difficult to explain to people who don’t experience it. However, the writer draws a new map of expatriation: one in which you can feel extraneous inside your own country, within your city or even inside yourself.”

A.Dais, Literary Critic, Palestine.

“The tower is not so much a place in this story but a person. It is a living, breathing entity, much like the diverse cast of characters who reside within it. It is a community of residents who come from different socio-economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds and are able to create a space where everyone is welcome and accepted regardless of their differences. And it stresses the importance of unity and tolerance, especially in the wake of tragedy.”

Nadia, Headscarves & Hardbacks

“We can definitely say that Malherbe’s great narrative skills of the setting bring us to the scene, making The Tower a moving tale. The book shows that when stricken with deep love rejection, tremendous loss of family members, etc. human nature shows its resiliency by making an effort to survive the darkness.”

Papatia, Founder of Fofky’s online bookstore

“By the end of the novel the definitions blur with regards what home really means and who or what we turn to for sanctuary and comfort in times of loss and confusion regardless of where we’re from. Given the on-going global pre-occupation with the refugee crisis, as well as the rapid expansion of the world’s socio-economic divide, ‘The Tower’ by Shereen Malherbe is an important addition to the arsenal of literary work needed for better understanding of and insight into a troubled world that needs to be reminded of its values of compassion and empathy but above all else its humanity.”

R. Asfour, Bookfabulous.com

‘We all have dreams, but it isn’t about dreaming. It is about making the most of what we have … It may be thought that we thought something was bad for us, but in fact it is good’ -The Tower

Published by Shereen Malherbe

Shereen Malherbe is a writer & author. Her novel, Jasmine Falling has been voted as one of the top 20 Best Books by Muslim women. Her second contemporary fiction novel, The Tower, was published by Beacon Books on April 2019. Her first children's book, The Girl Who Slept Under The Moon is out now.

2 thoughts on “Happy Publication Day- The Tower

  1. Yaaaaaaaay!!!

    Huge congratulations darling, this is amazing!!!

    So please for you and can’t wait to read… where can I buy from?

    You should be very proud 😊 massive well done and all the love to you ❤️💐👶🏼💧👶🏼❤️

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