Hi all,

As you know, I am back online after a two year hiatus and I return with exciting news about the upcoming publication of my second novel, The Tower. Beacon Books will be publishing my second book in April and before it goes live to all my readers, I wanted to reflect on why writing novels is important to me. So , I revisited my first ever interview with BelAhdan host, Ahmed Tharwat who I spoke with regarding my first book, Jasmine Falling.

Reflection time as we complete projects and look forward to what is next is an important part of the journey and also an important part of refocusing on why we begin certain projects in the first place.

So, I am reposting this interview to remind myself and my readers, why I wrote Jasmine Falling. I hope that it inspires you to write, create and explore your stories and share them with the world for your own reasons. It can be easy to become lost in what success looks like, but we all have different reasons for what we do and reflecting on why we began a project can remind us of what those are.

You can watch the interview via YouTube here.

I hope to be returning to post soon for The Tower’s cover reveal!