I read the Story of Maha and was particularly interested in the insight of a Muslim girl growing up in South Africa. The book immerses you into this world completely as you follow Maha’s life.

Maha is a strong, feisty character, from a fairly well off background which affords her certain privileges that others don’t have. Although the teen angst comes through despite this ease. Woven into her life are cultural and family problems, as with every teenager which makes the story realistic and builds an emotional picture of her and her journey.
The only criticism I have is that the story begins with her backstory which makes it slightly harder to get into initially. Also, this may not be suitable for all audiences due to the references to sexual episodes and exploration.
Recommended for those who want to have a no-holds barred peek into one girls journey being raised Muslim by Indian grandparents in South Africa.

I am looking forward to reading more from Sumayya Lee.

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