Synopsis from goodreads.com Mornings in Jenin

My thoughts

To say Mornings in Jenin wrecked me is an understatement. I’m not really sure how to share my thoughts on this book. It was so heartbreaking I shed a few tears. Tears that, although fiction (names and love stories, etc..), these events actually happened, that there are real people who lived this tragedy, that majority of the world is so unaffected by the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. That we sit in our safe homes and simply pick a side in the conflict without knowing the full details. I’m completely wrecked that human beings are capable of such wickedness and can inflict so much pain on another.

The writing was so vivid that I could easily picture it all. The author also leaves you with wanting to research and learn and not just take what we see in media as the truth.

What made…

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