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November 2016

Why Are Men Speaking for Muslim Women in Literature?

What is your favorite book? You might be like me and have too many to mention. Of those books, which characters are your favorite? Do they represent you? The answer to this, in the majority of western published literature is... Continue Reading →


When The Death Took Its Toll

Book Review: Wafa Darwish’s Memoir, Not Done With Life Yet

I recently discovered Not Done With Life Yet on my bookshelf and I was surprised it had hidden itself away from me for the last year. I received it as a gift from my cousin on my last trip to... Continue Reading →

Essential Advice for Your First Draft

I do agree with this completely. I don’t edit at all during the first draft. I write everyday on one master document with no chapters only a few subheadings

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The beautiful torture of the writing of the first draft does not have to be a painful experience. From what I understand, the key to getting the story down is to stay at it, moving forward to the finish.

We are all guilty of it. We’ve all, at the very least, glanced back at what we’ve written. It’s all so very tempting just to hear how our story is playing out up to that point. However, the best advice in this instance is to hold yourself back from any proofreading or editing of what you’ve written until the story has been laid down entirely. Get the writing of the first draft complete, no matter how rough or unruly. Only when you’ve finished that draft should you revisit what you’ve written.

Pausing to look back on what you’ve written before finishing that first draft can get you stuck in that section…

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Looking for NaNoWriMo Buddies!

If any fellow NaNo writers want to buddy up...

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