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October 2016

Review: Stained by Abda Khan

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I closed my eyes. I wanted to see nothing, I  wanted to feel nothing. I just wanted darkness, blackness, but my eyes kept dragging me back to it all. And still, all I could hear was the tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. I put my hands over my ears, desperately trying to banish the incessant noise that was on repeat in my head, to no effect. How was I ever going to get that sound out of my head? Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick tock….


Stained is a story of a beautiful intelligent young British Pakistani woman whose life’s aspirations and dreams are put on hold due to the scandalous actions of a supposedly trusted member of society. This is only the surface summary of the story. The book delves into weighty and sensitive issues that those involved and those who look on, wish to sweep under the rug rather than face it head on…

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Win a free paperback copy of Jasmine Falling via Goodreads

Win a free paperback copy of Jasmine Falling by entering its Goodreads Giveaway. News and Reviews Jasmine Falling, the debut novel by writer, Shereen Malherbe is currently listed 22/138 best books by Muslim women. Specialising in the representation of Muslim... Continue Reading →

Catch the sunlight

Loved this capturing of a new dawn

madeehah writes

In these early hours of the morning, when all the dreams and wishes of the world lay in the palm of your hand, everything seems possible. Sunrise stretches over this ancient earth, but each morning it feels as soft and supple as a newborn baby,  like fresh snow awaiting footprints to carve a path into its canvas.

Push past the dreary remnants of sleep, the exhaustion that fills your bones, and the dread of the coming day. Push it all to the side. Listen to the songs of the morning birds, those that are ready to chase their purpose with every fibre in their tiny feathers. Those that chase the sunlight.

Spread the prayer rug out and let your forehead touch the worn fabric. Whisper words of wishes and hopes, to the only One who listens. Listens to the fears of frightened souls who have hearts too fragile to hold the world’s pain.


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Why You Need a Book Poster

Independent authors are faced with many unique challenges, and one of the most daunting is promotion. Seeing your book in print for the first time is a special moment that soon gives way to the sob… Source: Why You Need... Continue Reading →

Jasmine Falling arrives at Universities in Palestine

It was always my intention that my book should return to the country and to the people who inspired it. Thank you for your generosity, warmth, strength and for sharing your stories. For anyone who wishes to read a copy of... Continue Reading →

Writing between two worlds

Writing between two worlds Published in Sister-Hood Magazine 27th September 2016 |by Shereen Malherbe |@MalherbeGirl |Share this article: I often reminisce about sun-drenched afternoons in Palestine when we had the time to sit and share stories. We would walk home... Continue Reading →

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