Writing is an often isolated endeavor. Ticking away in the back of your mind as you fight with your own thoughts and articulate them to become a polished, quality book that succinctly portrays an alternative view of the world.

It is a dream of many to write. When I began to write, I was shy about telling people that I was writer. What does it mean to be a writer? A paid writer? A published author? During the last five years I have studied English Literature and creative writing and I have written non-fiction articles, short stories, poetry and alongside it all, my novel.

Behind the book, are four years worth of paper stacks covered in red marks, tears, hundreds of unanswered emails, rejections and unsigned contracts. But the book sitting on the shelf is a testament that if you keep writing, the words on the page can form a physical object that has the ability to become what you want it to be. Jasmine Falling, is now ranked number 2/112 books representing Muslims in lit via Goodreads. A testament that true representation is needed and supported in the literary world.

It is hard to find support when you are writing to represent a marginalized or misunderstood group. I am often asked ‘how to’ questions on writing and publishing so in response, I have begun Literary Revolution Writers Group (LRWG). I believe people want to read authentic narratives of  own voices. I also believe we need to write our own history and I want to help you do that.

LRWG group is a relaxed, support group where we can share ideas on writing, request feedback, ask questions on how to present & publish and all the other questions you may have as you embark on this journey. It is designed to remove formal barriers to create a welcoming environment that gives you the confidence you need to write. If you feel you can benefit from this, then please apply to join via www.ShereenMalherbe.com/Literary-Revolution and sign up so your words can tell the story you want it to.