To celebrate Eid 2016 and a new chapter for me, Jasmine Falling is now on sale.

After a time of celebration, recuperation and feeling re-inspired, I am now writing the sequel.

Embarking on the second book in some ways is harder than the first. With the first novel, there are no expectations. You begin alone with an idea, a story and a pen. It develops, it grows a life of its own but it remains in the dark. A notebook with scribbles, dreams and scenes locked away in a drawer. After countless revisions, edits, rewrites, tears and the end nowhere in sight, you pick yourself up, pull out the notebook and continue through sleepless nights and endless doubts.

I continued to write because the stories inside refused to stay silent and untold, they were slowly being eroded from history and those that remained evolved to take on different meanings for a different generation. For the voices who have no platform to speak, those stories have now been captured and shared. In a small way they have a voice, another narrative being shared with the world. To give the marginalized a voice, to alter people’s perspectives of a world they have never had the opportunity to experience for themselves is the most I could have hoped for.

An unexpected surprise has been my readers. They have shared with me their emotions as they read the book and attached their own interpretations of heritage, culture and belonging. They have reminded me that humanity is universal, that reading can open up new worlds and expose hidden ones. If you haven’t already, add your story and join me.

In a climate of increasing fear and misunderstanding, my characters will undoubtedly have to overcome new challenges in my new novel. They will learn to grow in a world that doesn’t necessarily understand them. Yet, it is a necessity that another narrative is told. As a story teller, I want to share hope; hope in the unexpected and hope in our future. With trepidation and excitement I begin another chapter that I look forward to sharing with you as I go.

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