Shereen Malherbe

The wandering novelist


March 2016

Diversity & Books: Reading, Publishing & Telling More Stories

'At the start of 2016, The Guardian reported a ‘survey of workforce at 34 book publishers and eight review journals in [the] US reveals 79% of staff are white’. It isn’t a surprise that bookstores around the UK tend to... Continue Reading →


Sisters Magazine Reviews Jasmine Falling

  Excerpt 'Jasmine Falling is also a rich Middle Eastern tale that makes us fall for a land ripped between war and other social ills. The beauty and the richness of the land are still present no matter what it... Continue Reading →

A Feature for The Middle East Eye: Alia Khan: Pioneering the Islamic fashion revolution

Alia Khan, pioneer and founder of Dubai's Islamic Fashion Design Council (photograph courtesy of Alia Khan) The founder of Dubai's Islamic fashion council talks about the emerging market and how it’s helping shape the mainstream clothing industry. Read the article... Continue Reading →

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