Shereen Malherbe

The wandering novelist


November 2015

The female Muslim image in the media needs to be more representative...just where is our contribution to society in these narratives?' Reprinted by the Leicester Mercury on November 4th 2015.


Invisible Eve – Giving women a voice in society through the Arts

'Yousef’s work is inspired by his own life experience of being unable to speak until he was given a camera by his father. ‘Of Palestinian origin…he grew up exposed to images of war and violence. He needed a voice to... Continue Reading →

Is the fashion industry evolving with the inclusion of its first Hijabi model?

'Often our viewpoint is given by those outside of the group and associated with negative connotations or images of oppression. The spending power of young Muslim women is beginning to start a trickle of representation, but we aren’t anywhere near... Continue Reading →

Why British MP’s defending Muslim women do more harm than good.

'Now needs to be the time when media outlets are called to account for negative, misrepresentative stereotypes that are impacting on the increasing abuse of a group in society, a group Baroness Cox says she is trying to protect.'  Source... Continue Reading →

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