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October 2015

Is H&M’s first Muslim model a positive move into the mainstream?

'Often our viewpoint is given by those outside of the group and associated with negative connotations or images of oppression. The spending power of young Muslim women is beginning to start a trickle of representation, but we aren’t anywhere near... Continue Reading →


My journey from Banking, to Beaches, to Books.

An article for The Revert Hub, by Shereen Malherbe

An interview by Gemma Peplow for More Magazine

Read an interview with Shereen Malherbe by Leicester Mercury's More Magazine

An interview with Shereen Malherbe by Gemma Peplow

Shereen Malherbe talks to Leicester's More Magazine's, Gemma Peplow. From the Corporate World of Canary Wharf to Family Life in the U.A.EFrom the corporate world of Canary Wharf to raising a family in the United Arab Emirates - aspiring author... Continue Reading →

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